Wednesday, November 1, 2017

How to choose the right optical module

With the rapid development of information technology, the application of optical communication has become more and more popular. With the advantages of large capacity and high-speed transmission, Fiber Optic Transceiver Modules is playing a more and more important role. Where there is fiber, the optical module is needed, and the selection and purchase of the optical module has become the focus of the front-line engineering technicians or purchasing personnel.
There are many types of optical transceivers on the market, often dazzling. So, how to choose the most suitable module in many different speed, different packaging, different functions of the Optical Transceiver Module? We will give you some tips.

◆ Choose the module based on your usage environment
How fast the speed of transmission you need? 155M, 1G, 10G or 100G? The higher transmission rate means higher cost investment. For example, the application environment of FTTH, it's enough to use about 1G speed products for current bandwidth. It's not necessary to choose 10G products with more money.

◆ Transmission distance
The common optical modules are divided into short distance (300M-2KM), middle distance (10KM-40KM), long distance (>40km), The farther the transmission distance, the higher the technical and technological requirements of the optical module.

◆ Compatibility
When purchasing optical modules, need to confirm whether it can be compatible with your devices. Common switch brands like CISCO, HUAWEI, H3C, Juniper, D-link, HP, IBM, dell, Mikrotik etc., modules need to be tested compatibility before shipment. Before purchasing, it is best to confirm that it can be perfectly compatible with the corresponding brand switch.

◆ Select the original one or compatible one according to the budget situation
The original module is reliable but the price is too high, compatible module is cost-effective, comparable to the original module. Different users need to make specific choices according to the budget.

◆ After-sale service
Although the optical module is a mature optical communication device, most manufacturers' products are stable and reliable. However, there may be some problems in the use after purchase, so choose the vendors who have after-sales service and technical support are more secure.

Above are the factors that we often consider when purchasing optical modules, hope will be helpful to you. ETU-Link is a professional module manufacturer, we provide various module solutions to meet your different needs. For more details, welcome to visit our website:

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Auto Bumper Repair From Our Auto Bumper Factory

All of use love to have automobiles, but not everybody gets the possibility of having one. That is why when you get the chance to have one; you do every little thing to look after your vehicle by eliminating accidents as much as possible. However, there is still an excellent possibility that you have harmed the bumper on your vehicle at some point in your driving occupation. Your bumpers are the most discovered parts of your car. They are the most likely to be harmed and bringing them to our Auto Bumper Factory. There’s likewise an excellent possibility that something much even worse than getting your bumpers harmed has occurred to you. You most likely have paid too much by up to twice to get those bumpers fixed to specific auto service center. Really, body shops have 2 options to bumper repair – repaint the whole bumper or replace it (if the bumper has been cut, dented, or misshapen).
There’s one option that they nearly never think about – fix and repaint just the area that has been harmed. The body shops were more than pleased to toss bumpers that were 90 % brand new because they might mark up the expense of the new bumper to the customer. And they were just as happy to paint the whole bumper for small scrapes and scrapes covering just almost 20% of its surface area since the paint, guide, labor were all marked up also. In sum, the method of body shops is to make tasks as big as possible due to the fact that bigger tasks yield larger profits, and it’s not the client that’s forking over, it’s the insurance firm (don’t fall for that– you pay and then some in time when they increase your rates gradually). The typical bumper repaint is about $450. An upgraded replacement is generally $750 or more. There exists a sub-industry that vehicle dealers utilize but the general public is primarily oblivious of, the area repair business. Auto bumper repair in Rockford has area repair techs that focus on this kind of repairing work.
They can enhance the shape of, refill, recolor, and re-clear nearly any bumper that doesn’t have damages done to the tabs that attach it to the vehicle (that is around 80 % of bumper damage, FYI). In contrast to what auto body shops will inform you, bumpers can be fixed, and just the location that has been damaged can be painted. This does need some ability. The painter must know ways to appropriately scuff beyond the broken location, assimilate the paint, and use the clear coat so that the repair is undetected. What is the ordinary cost for a corner scrape, the most typical of all repairs? The fundamental expense is roughly $250 or more. The greatest perk on this kind is most spot repair techs are mobile. That means they concern your home or office. A bumper could be primed, painted, sanded and healed within an hour or maybe more. Consult your neighborhood automobile dealerships if they understand of a firm that does an auto bumper repair in Rockford. These men must be a lot of aid to you.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

How Much Does Mobile App Localization Cost?

Price is a major consideration for any project, and mobile app localization is not an exception.
When one of my content writers asked me if I’d be comfortable in sharing my insights about Chinese app localization pricing, without hesitation I said, “Why not?”

I love transparency because it reflects one’s sincerity to helping and providing value to the projects we handle as a team.

So, this post is not intended to be the absolute industry pricing of translation and localization agencies in China, but rather an estimate of the cost based on the client’s requirements that we’re able to work on at AZ-Loc.
There’s no one-size-fits-all pricing plan for Chinese app localization, but providing this break down will guide you in your decision-making process.

The starter package for a small app (U$50.00 up)

You recently launched your English app and would like to reach out to your Chinese audience. Your app analytics dashboard tells you there’s a sizable amount of users downloading your app, so maybe a translation of the text can be your starting point.
A small app with *less than 500 words* cost about U$50.00 or more. The cost only includes translation of texts, proofreading, and QA.
Previous projects: Targo WeissBeerger (mobile), 502 words

The entrepreneur’s investment for a medium app (U$200.00 up)

Your mobile app perhaps may include more pages and nitty-gritty coding with a sizable amount of content with 2,500 words or more.

More complicated texts and content will require you to pay higher than this estimated package.
Aside from the translation, proofreading and QA are included in this package. App localization – adding a cultural touch – such as design, APIs for local social media platforms, colors, and among others – are not yet included.

Previous projects: Targo SessMe (mobile, icon index) 960 + 820 words; Ultimeyes (mobile) 15748 words

The colossal software for serious app developers and publishers (U$1,200.00 up)

If your mobile app has more than 20,000 words, this would probably cost about U$1,200 or more, which includes the translation, proofreading, and QA.

The localization of the app itself isn’t yet included here, and that requires another set of professional Chinese translators, developers, coders, to extract and work on the strings and codes of a large, complicated software.
However, you can save more money when translators use the CAT tools – the cost can decrease around 10% of the total cost.

As mentioned, these costs are estimates only and not intended to be the absolute industry pricing.
If you want to work on a more complex, detailed mobile app localization that requires professional translators, developers, designers, and proofreaders on mobile gaming apps or e-learning apps, expect that the cost could go higher because of the workload and skill sets needed.

Previous projects: Photomyne (mobile) 6526 + 2453 + 3390 + 435 words in Simplified and Traditional Chinese; MindLab E-learning 31563 / 52117 + 23000 + 1038 words;

Take note: The context of “words” here are the translatable words. Our team excludes all codes that do not need translation at all to save you cost. We make sure we protect all the codes from any tampering.

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Friday, September 8, 2017

Important Factors to Consider for a Successful Localization

Several factors shouldn’t be overlooked to achieve a successful localization. Take note and pay extra attention to the following tips and questions for a smooth workflow, producing high-quality deliverables to help you succeed in China.
Top 3 questions to consider:
Does your language partner adopt CAT tool?
What measures do they take to provide high-quality work?
Is your source text fully globalized yet?

What does “globalized source text” mean?
This means the source language is easy to understand and culturally neutral. Otherwise, it will be harder to translate them; the deliverables are likely less accurate and timeframe of the process will be slow. The translators, on their side, will need to pause, search for reference and clarify certain words to the author.

What’s authoring with translation in mind?
When clients submit standardize language (e.g. English), authoring and translation will be faster and easier. The similar description should better be in the same sequence with lesser revision on a couple of words. Once this is achieved, you will save a tremendous amount of time, energy and effort throughout the process (see examples below).

*Take note of the following:
  • Match rate
  • Measuring units (metric or imperial)
  • Unicode compliance
  • Text length limit
  • The GUI (graphical user interface) to be translated or localized (as an insider would call it) into different language locales for users or players in different countries and regions.
When it comes to game translation and localization, we make it interesting and relevant to the players while maintaining the context and texts. What’s the point of gaming apps and platforms if they’re not entertaining, right?
Our clients are 100% satisfied with our deliverables because our team knows how to translate and localize the games that Chinese players would like to play. The market is huge and the potential in the Mainland is an opportunity for you to explore.

The APAC region accounts 47% of the global market and China’s revenue is worth $24.4 billion in 2016, cementing its position as the world’s largest gaming market according to Newzoo. If you’re considering a multilingual support for your software or games, don’t forget to create a Chinese version.
Why work with AZ-Loc for a successful localization?
Because we ask the right questions and take notes to achieve the desired results and deliverables:

  • Why developers do not prefer to work with translation companies?
  • Why they prefer to work with large localization companies?
  • Why did most localization companies fail to meet quality requirements for some important language locales?
  • And why we are here to help?
  • What factors that you should pay attention when localizing into Chinese?
  • What are the key points that you should take care when localizing into Chinese?
  • Is your product globalized yet?
  • Does it have a Unicode compliance
  • Is it Culture-neutral?
  • In what language locale?
  • Simplified or Traditional, or both?
  • Traditional for Hong Kong or for Taiwan?
  • How can you control translation quality?
  • Internal review
  • Third-party review
  • Back translation
  • QA for the process
  • QC for the checkpoint
  • What to send and what to get?
  • Workflow and updates
  • Communications channel
  • File formats
And more…
Our last takeaway for a successful localization
Last but not least, translation is a small but very important process in the whole picture of localization. Localization cannot be called successful with smooth management process, yet it has bad or inappropriate translations. You can’t expect your customers to pay you in exchange for a badly translated software or game app.

No matter how appealing your software or game originally is, when the clients see poor translation quality (typos, bad translations, and wrong fonts), they will immediately have a negative impression of your precious work and brand.
We are experts in software and game translations English into Chinese ONLY. We do not manage multilingual projects that target language other than our native tongue. So, if you plan to localize your software or game products into Chinese, feel free to request a free quote on cost and lead time. We will get back to you very soon.

Contact us now for a reasonable proposal that covers all your localization requirements.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Nanomaterials closely related to life

Nanotechnology has become a trend, has a great help in our basic necessities of life including Buildings, clothing, food, transportation, medical care, etc. Nanomaterials with dimensions below around 100 nm exhibit unique physical and chemical properties drastically different from their bulk counterparts. The intricate relationship between nanostructure and functionality has opened up a whole new area of research where scientists world-wide aim at exploring, understanding and exploiting the potential of nanomaterials.
1. Sterile tableware and aseptic packaging with nanometer materials  makes food more security.
nanomaterial representative: silver nanoparticle, silver nanowire, tio2 nano, etc.
2. That some nanopowders have strong adsorption ability, can make the waste water thoroughly become clear water and reach drinking standard.
nanomaterial representative: Iron nanoparticles, fe3o4 nano, Tio2 nano,etc.
3. Adding nanoparticles to the ceramic can make the material strength and toughness be greatly increased, which is expected to become the ideal material of cars, ships and other engine parts.
nanomaterial representative: silicon carbide nanoparticle, TIC nanoparticles, zro2 nano
4. the micro drug delivery device with nanotechnology can carry a certain dose of the drug in the body, can take the initiative to search for attacking cancer cells or repair damaged tissue.
nanomaterial representative: diamond nanoparticles,iron nanoparticles
5. Adding a small amount of nanoparticles can eliminate electrostatic phenomena of chemical fabric.
nanomaterial representative: ATO nano, TiO2 nano, ZnO nano, carbon nanotube, and metal nanoparticles,etc.
6. Building materials containing nanoparticles and solar thermal reflective material can absorb ultraviolet ray.
nanomaterial representative:TiO2 nano, ZnO nano, WO3 nano, carbon nanotube, etc.
7. Most of us once broke mobile phone or tablet screen.This is a very troublesome thing, we also need to find a place to repair, and pay big money to replace a new screen. Scientists have researched a material that is made of silver nanowires and graphene, which make touch screen be non-friable and flexible, what's more, it is cheaper.
8. Cosmetics use. platinum nanoparticles, gold nanoparticles, tio2 nano, Zno nano, sio2 nano,etc.
9. More application.

nanoparticles manufacturer
Hongwu International Group Ltd is a Nanotechnology Company manufacturing nanoparticles and nanopowders, developing new nanomaterial based applications for the industry and supplying almost all kinds of nano-micro sized powders and more from worldwide-known companies. Our company provides our customers:
Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene Nanomaterials (almost all kinds are available)
High Quality Nanoparticles and Nanopowders (Elements, Alloys, Metal and Non-Metal Oxides, Compounds)
High Quality Microparticles and Micron Sized Powders (Elements, Alloys, Metal and Non-Metal Oxides, Compounds)
Nanoparticle Dispersions
If you are looking for related products that are not in our product list yet, our experienced and dedicated team is ready for help. Do not hesitate to contact us at thank you.
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Monday, August 28, 2017

chocolate boxes packaging are able to increase your chocolate marketing scores

Recently, along with new Chinese 4 great innovation have been becoming more and more popular all over the world, some foreigners have started to criticize that internet shopping has been generating too huge of product packaging | protective packaging wastage. For example, if you would like to purchase chocolate via internet, chocolate brands not only need to custom chocolate packaging:

but also need to prepare for protective packaging boxes for chocolates |, such as master carton box/adhesive tape/bubble/PE form etc.

Most important, most of these protective packaging for chocolate | are not biodegradable or compostable by our earth. Exactly speaking, it will take our earth about several hundred years to degrade these disposal plastic packaging material. Just imagine: when our grandson grew up to adult, how much of plastic packaging material will reach to? At that moment, are they able to breathe fresh air? Are they still able to enjoy clean water? Are they able to enjoy blue sky? Are they still able to walk green mountain?

Some smart chocolate brands have realized this hot issue and have been started with preparation. For instance, some of them have asked their chocolate boxes packaging suppliers  to work out eco friendly chocolate packaging design :

Bamboo chocolate boxes are not only able to achieve luxury chocolate display and enhance your natural/original ecological/healthy value inside chocolate, but also build responsible chocolate brand image: protect our only one earth. The natural smell of bamboo will remind your target clients of that your chocolate is refined from natural cocoa bean.

As you knew, luxury chocolate boxes packaging are always expensive. Of cause, some economic chocolate brands can also select some wooden chocolate boxes packaging as below:

These kinds of wooden boxes for chocolate are very competitive. Most important, it is still able to enhance your natural/healthy chocolate value, as well as building responsible brand image to reduce our earth burden.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Bluetooth Portable Speaker Becoming the Trends

Portable speaker is different from traditional big speakers in terms of a convenient size to carry of small volume speakers, supply the power with their own batteries or lithium batteries also can connect power supply. Portable mini speaker gradually become a very popular kind of element of social life because of its small and convenience, complete functions.
Along with the continuous development of science and technology, audio products are becoming more and more portable and smaller, mini speakers rise in response to the proper time and conditions, for all kinds of portable electronic products provide speakers, allow the user to get rid of the trouble with headphones and let friends share sound effect, furthermore it can also be used with earplugs as MP3. And with the development of the time, various brands of mini speakers form is more and more diversified, small and beautiful became the biggest characteristic of mini speakers.
Bluetooth speakers is applying Bluetooth technology on the traditional digital and multimedia speakers, let users can avoid annoying wires, free to listen to music in various ways. Since the advent of Bluetooth speakers, they attract the mobile phone or tablet users, etc extensive attention with the development of the intelligent terminal. Bluetooth technology make the speakers wireless possible, all kinds of famous brands have launched many shape of variety of "Bluetooth speaker".
In 2012, Bluetooth smartphones and tablet computers develop rapidly, the performance and the screen has let the consumer amazing, but affected by the volume, and speaker has no good solution. Hearing is one of the most important perception of human, customer's demand become bigger and bigger for this part. Bluetooth Portable Speaker is following the trend, a portable way to carry, the wireless transmission, the fashionable appearance gain the strong love from consumers.
Multimedia speakers are a speaker, it is mainly used for multimedia devices, multimedia is the combination of computer and video technology, it is actually two media: sound and pictures, or in today's term, audio and video. Diweiqi specializes in home theater speakers, Karaoke speakers, multimedia speakers, and portable trolley speakers, Bluetooth speakers supported by high technology and professional R & D team and Q C team. Besides, our factory introduces some advanced equipment from Japan, Taiwan to perfect its products for every customer. We devote to designing and producing many private products with patent certifications. Our products have good quality with CE, CB, FCC, SASO certification etc. Our dynamic team of specialists is dedicated to designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing life-style-enhancing electronics that are competitively priced.